From poky to wow!

We’ll show you how to get the most from building on a narrow block – to turn your home into more than you ever thought possible.

Flooring is something you probably haven’t thought much about.  Flooring brings and holds all your design elements together.  It is the base that supports the style of your custom home, and dictates the flow, and mood for each room.

Let’s explore the best flooring for your custom new home. 

Since the pandemic, the kitchen has become so much more. It is the Work-From-Home space, and the school classroom (and the bakery for sourdough bread!).
When building a new kitchen spend time during the design stage to get the kitchen perfect. Don’t rush into choosing a 3-metre island bench and making it fit into the kitchen space. Start the other way around.

You know a beautiful staircase when you see one, it is welcoming, leads you graciously to the next floor. Do you need some help or a little inspiration for your staircase design?

Sydney’s hilly inclines and declines lends itself to split level home design.  These designs can fully take advantage of our stunning views, vistas of our harbour and bush outlooks.
So, if your block is sloping and you find yourself looking at split level home design, do not fret.
  We have some great ideas to help you work into the design a stunning split-level home, that will amaze you and make your neighbours and friends envious.

You have asked several Sydney luxury home builders for quotes and they are in.  You look at the quotes and the quotes are so different from each other.  Some seem excessively expensive compared to other quotes.

Why are the builders quotes so different? Shall I go for the cheapest quote?