townhouse construction costs
Townhouse construction costs per square metre, can be more expensive than a traditional single fronted house. This is due to the fact they are considered a non-standard build and require more specialised building work. With that in mind, how do you save on your townhouse construction costs to significantly improve your bottom line?
what is a split level home

Sydney’s hilly inclines and declines lends itself to split level home design.  These designs can fully take advantage of our stunning views, vistas of our harbour and bush outlooks.
So, if your block is sloping and you find yourself looking at split level home design, do not fret.
  We have some great ideas to help you work into the design a stunning split-level home, that will amaze you and make your neighbours and friends envious.

luxury home builders for a new custom home

You have asked several Sydney luxury home builders for quotes and they are in.  You look at the quotes and the quotes are so different from each other.  Some seem excessively expensive compared to other quotes.

Why are the builders quotes so different? Shall I go for the cheapest quote?

SBR Group - Duplex houses

Thinking about building a duplex in Sydney?  After you have done your initial research, the first point of contact is to find a duplex builder.

This may be easier said than done.  Do you choose an experienced duplex builder who has built duplexes before or is a custom home builder suitable for your project?

Custom home design trends for 2021

Huge swings in custom home design trends in 2021 are here, culminating from the year that was 2020 – a year that has left a lasting mark on all of us, shifting what we find important in our daily lives and at home.

Design and Cosulting

How do you find a Sydney builder and building company for your custom home build or to help construct your extension or renovation?

homebuilder grant extension

Good news for homeowners. The Australian government has announced the Homebuilder grant extension to eligible home owners and first home buyers but at a reduced rate.

Homebuilder grant

As an economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian government has announced the HomeBuilder grant to eligible home owners and first home buyers to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home.

This is great news for homeowners who are looking to build a new custom home and should consider this grant to offset the cost of their home building. You can also use this grant for major renovations and additions to your existing family home.

Let’s delve into a few more details about the HomeBuilder grant and if you meet the criteria for the grant.

Needing extra accommodation for your elderly parents, or need to be close to care for a disabled member of your family? The granny flat CGT exemption announced in the October 2020 budget may be the answer.

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