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How to save on building costs in 2022

There is no doubt that the building costs of a new custom home has gone up in the last year.

This is a result of supply chain problems, supply and demand constraints, availability of materials, construction boom and the stimulus by the government. 

We now have the recent floods to add to the building demand.

What is the best flooring for my custom new home?

Flooring is something you probably haven’t thought much about.  Flooring brings and holds all your design elements together.  It is the base that supports the style of your custom home, and dictates the flow, and mood for each room.

Let’s explore the best flooring for your custom new home. 

3 steps to a perfect kitchen design

Since the pandemic, the kitchen has become so much more. It is the Work-From-Home space, and the school classroom (and the bakery for sourdough bread!).
When building a new kitchen spend time during the design stage to get the kitchen perfect. Don’t rush into choosing a 3-metre island bench and making it fit into the kitchen space. Start the other way around.

Townhouse construction costs – our top 5 tips to save BIG!

Townhouse construction costs per square metre, can be more expensive than a traditional single fronted house. This is due to the fact they are considered a non-standard build and require more specialised building work. With that in mind, how do you save on your townhouse construction costs to significantly improve your bottom line?